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Школа кожевенного мастерства: сумки, ремни своими руками
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    Kind of narcotic addiction, way to suppress vulnerable people

Курение, русская версия этой статьи

Smoking is kind of drug dependence characterized in the wish of a human to fill his Lung and other respiration organs with smoke of some specific products, usually dried leaves of Tobacco. Also, smoking is the activity of contamination of air with such a smoke. There exist special staff for smoking - cigars, cigarettes, pipes and Hookahs.

Smokers are resistant with respect to the tobacco smoke; they use this to overdo, to suppress the mental or physical activity of non-smokers, who are not so resistant. Often, smokers do not recognize the harm of their smoking to the neighbors. For example, if some smoker directs the flux of smoke into a face of a non-smoker, and in response, this non-smoker smashes his face, then the smokers consider such a reply as non-motivated aggression. In such a way, the smoking is used an instrument of the social domination.

Often, the smokers are aggressive with respect to non-smokers; especially in the Russian-speaking countries. Often, the neutral request for s cigarette is used as a pretext to slow-down a walker. Formally, such a request is not a Coercion, and a non-smoker, in order to protect himself/herself is not allowed to kill the potential aggressor. The robbers use such a request in order to get any reply and identify the sutable victim. In addition, a pedestrian while offering a cigarette to the claimer(s) is more vulnerable to the physical offense; he/she may miss the opportunity to block the first kick and loss his/her ability of the efficient self-defense.

Several sites discuss the similarity of smoking (picture at the left) with the oral sex, blowjob (picture at the right). In both cases, the month of a human is filled with a substance that may affects the functional activity of his/her body and may affect the neighbor humans.

There is certain discrimination with respect to the public sex and protectionism with respect to smocking. The manufacturers and distributors of the tobacco products have dividends from the smoking and pay taxes to the government; as for the oral sex, it brings to the government no taxes. Therefore the governments often prohibit sex at the streets, malls, shops, offices, transport - everywhere they can control it. In century 21, this discrimination reduces; the freedom of smokers to intoxicate citizen in the public places is limited.

Often the smokers do not declare the murdering of non-smokers as their goal; they dent not to exterminate the non-smokers, but to suppress them. One of the errors of hitlerism was the program oriented to the complete extermination of jews. Then such a genocide began, many researchers left from Germany, and Adolf Hitler cold not obtain the nuclear weapon in time (all the nuclear technology they had was plunged by the Red army in 1945, finished and used by the soviet veterans for the contamination of Chelabinsk, Semipalatinsk, Totsk, Pripiqt, Techa and other redgions.) The smokers do not repeat the error of hitlerism and respect the right of non-smokers to use the gas-masks ot to leave from the poisoned room. In these sense, the meetings of smokers are better than gas chambers, and smoking is better than fascism .

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Copyleft 2010 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov. This text may be used for free, attribute http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/smoken03shtml.shtml

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