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Why do we need to study history?

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    History - helps to understand many areas of modern human life. Died "history" as a science and direction?

  Why do we need to study history? The question is purely rhetorical. Remember what the word history itself means? The word "history" came to us from ancient Greece, in the language of which it meant "a story about the past." Now with this word we mean both science studying the past, and the very sequence of past events. The original meaning of the word "history" meant "interrogation", "recognition", "establishment", "acquisition of knowledge".
  History now, is a field of knowledge that studies a person in the past (his activity, condition, worldview, social connections, organizations, etc.). In a narrower sense, history is a science that studies all kinds of sources about the past in order to establish a sequence of events, the objectivity of the described facts and draw conclusions about the causes of events. Thus, by scrupulously studying history, we can understand how it was formed, how it was formed, what it became, and where the country, culture, ethics, mentality, etc. one or another people.
  A thorough study of history and correctly drawn conclusions from its lessons will always tell you the right direction of development. Leaders of the leading countries of the world very often turn to the history of both their countries and the world, in order to choose the further path of movement for the country, to lead it out of the crisis. As an example, I can cite the actions of former US President Barack Obama, who some time ago, during the global crisis (which affected US interests, among others), set his advisers the task of finding out how America got out of the difficult 30 years of the last century for it crisis, known in world history as the Great Depression. The recommendations received (primarily by historians) helped the US successfully overcome the crisis. And helping the current 45th president, Donald Trump.
  This fact and many others prove that history is not a "dead" science. Essential and fundamental. She is neglected, it is impossible without due respect. We now live in the hereditary binary opposition of historical forces.
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