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Glossary on Comparative Anatomy

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A Glossary on Comparative Anatomy

Dick, as me too, has an APPENDIX.
But mine is much more handsome than Dick's.

There are many ways to empty my BLADDER.
The simplest is not climbing a ladder.

I wouldn't let you kick my COCCYX.
Please kick some other which the folk kicks.

Unlike my outer skin, my DIAPHRAGM
is not a thing I can perspire from.

There's something wrong with my ENTRAILS:
doc said the smaller one prevails.

If you keep far of my FOREARM,
it wouldn't bring you any harm.

I'm not a fish, and have no GILLS.
This fact my soul with proud fills.

How weird it is to have a HEAD,
the strangest thing I ever had.

The aperture of my IRIS,
unlike its colour, often varies.

Don't make a doubt, I, too, have JAWS,
it's worse than shark's, but not than yours.

If you unwarily drop your KNEECAP,
do not like me, but pick it quick up.

When the physician stroke my KNEECAP,
my reflex was a loud hiccup.

My right-hand LUNG and my left-hand LUNG
are fitted just for my chest to bung.

I use with joy my MUCOUS MEMBRANES.
For how long, I haven't remembrance.

Each time I see some woman's NAVEL
I get excited like the devil.

I love, there's no doubt, my OESOPHAGUS:
it's close to my heart more than this of a goose.

Compared with Apollo's PENUOUS
mine is too big and rather sinuous.

Thank God, I'm not a QUADRUPED,
and have hands free to scratch my head.

I have (as some circles do) a RADIUS.
To find its size is a task quite tedious.

Some ribs are fused right to my STERNUM.
It's not a toy, don't pull and turn them!

I've measured yesterday hog's THIGH.
Its is more thick, while mine's more high.

The grade of reddening of your UVEA
shows how deep stuck in a groove you are.

In contrast with cockroach's VENTER,
mine could be found in the centre.

To pass the smoke through my WINDPIPE
I smoke pipes of a distinct type.

The picture taken in X-RAY
shows me quite bony and too grey.

My yoke-mate, she punched my YOKE-BONE.
I would prefer she did this to her own!

I've heard I have a lot of ZYGAPOPHYSES,
and wonder what the hell the purpose of this is.


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