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@00. Introduction to P I R

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    What is said, some brief explanations.
    Keywords: contents, explanations, in English.



(Propositions, Ideas, Realizations -- PIR)

Chris MYRSKI,   1992 and further


I think some introductory remarks are necessary here because this is not a book but a folder with quite motley materials, and they are surely not fiction, and the name is not only "Feast" but also PIR. About the name it is easy, the initials PIR in Russian -- and I usually publish in Internet everything initially in Russian, even not in my mother Bulgarian language -- means "feast" but the initials are almost the same in English if are taken for "Propositions, Ideas, Realizations" (or, then, Researches).
Then the things are quite different because having been left with the coming of our democracy without constant work, and being, after all, scientific worker, I have chosen different fields where to spent interestingly my time and to try and apply any ideas which emerged in my head. This means chiefly that the ideas are set to me by nobody, the results can be questionable, but they, surely, are non-traditional and some of them are even urgent. Initially and mostly these are linguistic themes, like about worldwide alphabet, about many ideas hidden behind the numbers, then in the recent time emerged my English (and not only) Latin transliteration (and there are a pair or other relatively related materials about Bulgarian language, which, however, for the moment are placed in another -- or rather in two, in different languages and with different approaches -- folder).
But there are other ideas, there is proposed a new decimal calendar; there is quite serious idea for jurisprudence about unification of damages and guilt in lawsuits, together with personal modification of punishments. Then quite recently emerged three programmer ideas, where the two of them discuss very old programs by me, for DOS, for splitting of the words in every (in Latin and Cyrillic) possible language, as also for compressing of files of any (I just like the universality and the related with it word "any") type, which programs worked pretty good and can be transferred in another operating environment, and one new is about bettering of browsers' searching in Internet. You see, with coming to my 65th year I decided that there is no sense in keeping valuable ideas or realizations for myself, and chose, even without payment and however amateurish they may seem, to publish them. Then there are two, maybe winning (but for about an year there is no answer to them) business ideas, about bank deposits, and a kind of advertising in the supermarkets, yet not of the products, but of the very shops.
There may be expected to emerge (if I will live long enough) a pair of other linguistic materials, about a kind of bettering or correction of the English language; maybe also something else, it depends.
Ah, and because I am not traditional fiction writer but rather popularizer of many simple (well, relatively -- I mean, without higher mathematics) ideas, I try to open the eyes of people (who, willingly or not but like not this, they like chiefly to be deluded), so because of this I have almost in every of my books or journalistic papers a PIR-idea, sometimes a heap of such ideas, and in order to provide the reader with some kind of guide through my creative works, where what can be found in them, I have included in the end the last material about other PIR ideas outside this folder.
This is all. If you like my ideas then read them and try to implement some of them in reality, they are worth of this, at leas I think so. But if you don't like them then don't worry, such people like you are highly necessary to build the background on which such clever heads like my can stand out and be noticed, so that I am only thankful to you. Ha-ha.

March 2016,   Sofia, Bulgaria

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