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08. An Idea About New Kind Of Bank Deposits

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    Here is given one personal idea about new kind of bank deposits.
    Keywords: banking, new deposits, personal idea, in English.



     This idea is old for me (but I am also not young), it lies by me already 20 years, I have positively sent it to a pair of banks in Bulgaria, yet without resonance. But then, why shall I take it with me to the grave, ah? Up to my knowledge there are no bank branches in the other world, right? So that I decided to publish it officially, so to say, to patent it publicly, and if some banks decide to apply it then they are not to forget about me.
     Good, then let me begin. First about

     1. The very idea. This is idea about new kind of term deposits, where together with the fixed time are added some conditions on the possibility to add or take money from the deposit, which support the wish of some clients to accumulate money, and because of this I have named this deposit accumulating. I mean not just to keep money in the bank, but to accumulate it with some purpose, say, for buying of washing machine, or for summer vacation, of for personal car, or even for an apartment. I have come to this idea when have looked at possibilities to buy in installments, but in this way the price of product was increased and this with more than 10%. And then I said to myself: now, they propose you to buy something on installment plan, but in this way you spend more, yet if you accumulate first the money then they will even pay you interest percents during this time, so that acting in the opposite direction you can save the same amount of percents, as well also if you wait some period of time the products for this time will alone become a bit cheaper, so that in this way you can buy on the average about one third cheaper!
     All this, in general, is so, the prices fall all the time (and if they do not directly fall then this is because the companies try to offer you something better for a little more money), but people usually don't like to wait, they, as some say, to live are hurrying, and to feel are rushing. But this is in accordance with the age, basically. And it, as it turns out, and also if one gives a thought to the matter, people are divided mainly in two categories, in such who want to economize, and such who want to spend; here is nothing to be done, and if this was not so then the banks would have hardly survived, for they are intermediaries between these two categories. But then in a saturated market have already begun not to increase the amount of money, the companies and banks are satisfied that people use their services, so that the one side of the process was reduced nearly to zero, and when there isn't a big inflation rate then one will not earn much on the difference in the interest, so that such deposits as if are not actual anymore.
     Yet it is so, and also isn't so, one never knows when something will become necessary, and in which time what conditions may emerge, so that the idea can again become actual. And it is good in all cases as one more alternative type of deposits, because the banks all the time try to invent something new, in order to make the clients to change the conditions of their deposits, for the reason that exactly by early change of the conditions of deposits they win most of all, in such cases are applied penal interests, almost zero. In short, the idea continues to be actual (like the majority of my ideas and conclusions expressed in my publicistics -- it is still actual twenty years later).
     So, and now let us look more precisely, let us move to

     2. The various variants of accumulating deposits. The shortest of these deposits can have the following character: it is for 4 months, but the bank pays interest like for 6-month term, i.e. a little more, and allows also for some time, let this be 2 months, the client to have free access to the money, like by current (or on demand) deposit, and all these plusses for the client are balanced by this minus then he can't take the money back before the agreement term, and if he (or she) so eagerly wants to take the money back earlier then he must pay to the bank some penalty in the amount of 10% of the money there. But he can every time add money and increase the sum till the end, not only of the main term, but also during the open for the deposit time (here till 6 months). After elapsing of the free access time, if the money is still not withdrawn, or if something was left in the account, then the deposit is transformed automatically in usual termless (or current) deposit (but for the other terms this is different). Yet here has to be set also maximal amount, in order that the client does not exploit too much the "good will" of the bank, but also that the bank was able to offer quietly the sum every time during the free access time, as well also by the psychological reason that if the client wants to accumulate more money then let him open another such deposit, but the times of free access will not coincide and in the end he will become confused in this affair and will come, either to earlier withdrawal of the money, or to not using it in the proper time. So, and as to preventing of taking of money from the account, then the banks are always interested when people leave money by them for big period of time without movement, because they can use these sums and lend them to other clients. Deposit with such term can be used for buying of some kitchen appliance, and is supposed that its amount will be about 500 euros (let us use this European currency unit), but the deposit can be opened if you enter at least 100 euros, and there can't be put more than 1000 euros.
     Similarly to this can exist also deposit for summer holidays, where the closed period is 8 month (so that if you open it in September in May it will be already at you disposal, as much as you have succeeded to accumulate there), and the open period will be 4 months, with interest like for yearly deposit, with penal interest -5, with minimal amount of 200 euros, and maximal of 2000. After elapsing of the open period it is transformed in 1-month one.
     There can be also a variant for buying of something more expensive, with term of 2,5 years, and then possibility to use it half an year, but by withdrawal of bigger sums than, say, 3000 euros the bank has to be notified the day before. This is long-term deposit, and its interest has to be like 3-yearly one, and if the bank does not maintain such deposits then, for example, in the amount of 1.2 times the interest for yearly term, but the penal interest will be 0 if the money is withdrawn earlier then one year, and else like for 6-month term. In addition to this the minimal sum can be 250 euros, and the maximal 5000. It is quite thinkable also variant for buying of car for a term of 4-5 years, and for living apartment for 12-15 years, what we will show in table form below.

Period Interest as for Open Penal interest min (euro) max (euro) Later as
4 mon. 6 mon. 2 mon. - 10 100 1,000 current
8 mon. 1 year 4 mon. - 5 200 2,000 1 mon.
2.5 years 3 years 6 mon. 0 /6m.* 250 5,000 3 mon.
4 years 5 years** 1 year** 0/1y./2y.** 500 10,000 6 mon.
12 years 15 years*** 3 years*** 1y./2y.*** 1,000 25,000 1 year


     * Penal interest is 0 if less than an year, otherwise like for 6 months.
     ** Interest for 5 years deposit can be formed like 1.35 of the yearly interest; when the deposit is open for withdrawal is necessary to notify the bank the day before; penal interest is 0 if less than an year, like yearly if more than this but less then 2 years, and like for 2 years if more than 2 years.
     *** Interest for 15 years deposit can be formed like 1.5 of the yearly interest; when the deposit is open for withdrawal is necessary to notify the bank two days before; penal interest is like yearly if less than 2 years, and else like for 2 years.

     Well, this is the whole idea in outlines, but with long-term deposits is needed caution, because one can never know what inflation rate can come, so that there has to be left some open "door" for the bank, like that are used some indexes, or that these interests are for average yearly inflation rate less than 15 percents, else the bank can change them, or something of the kind. Then these deposits are as a rule withdrawn entirely, because there is no sense to leave something, but on the off-chance are stipulated periods for prolongation if in them remained something after elapsing of the open period for the deposit; if these conditions do not satisfy the client then he is entitled to renegotiate the deposit.
     In my opinion these are very good deposits for reasonable investors, who want to fully use the opportunities that a bank can offer, but up to my knowledge something similar was applied nowhere in the world. Maybe I am wrong, I am not specialist in banking, but as if such deposits don't exist. This is explainable with this, that in normal circumstances the difference in the percents of interest can't be big and there is no sense to block his money, but, as I said in the beginning, everything depends on the person, and I, for example, under condition that want to by myself something and have stable income, would have chosen such kind of deposit and will know not to break the terms of contract, and if I will so much be forced to have money at hand, then I will keep one current deposit with sum of about one-two monthly salaries, where from I will be able to take in case of emergency. And for the banks such deposits must also be profitable because of the more tight conditions of compliance with the terms, as well also for assortment, as I said in the beginning.
     Well, let us hope that now, after my propositions, such deposits will appear in some banks, so that it remained only to proceed to my wishes about

     3. Remunerations for the author of the idea. In principle I could have said that it suits me if the bank paid me one 100,000-th or even one millionth of the sum of all such deposits in the bank (maybe recalculated in early, for standardization, i.e. if it goes about the first kind in the table then there the sum is counted twice less, than it is, and in the third kind the sum is tripled). Such variant will be sufficiently correct, but it will require that I had some access (on reading) of this, what is in the bank, and this will hardly be liked by whatever company. Because of this I require the following: for each bank branch where such kind of deposits is applied they must feel themselves bound (not that I believe much in this, yet this is what I require) to pay me initially a sum of 500 euros, and then for every whole year of applying of these deposits also by 500 euros, but not more then 5 years. On the other hand I am quite liberal in regard of the sets of branches, where in the limits of one country (and there happen considerable big countries) I require payment: for up to 5 branches only twice more, for up to 10 in tripled amount, for up to 20 branches the quadrupled sum, and if they are even more, then five times more. Only that, of course, every bank, and in every country, is obliged to pay me, whenever it decides to apply this idea. (Unless you prove to me that there exists a precedent before 2015, that somewhere some bank has used or maybe still uses similar kind of deposits.)
     Well, I take it that with this I have finished with describing of the idea, and now only wait that the money will begin to fall on me (where -- I will tell you, when you call me, for I am, after all, anonymous author).

     Dec 2014

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