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What way the artificial intelligence will corrupt and crush us?

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    Whether the artificial intelligence is a panacea from all our troubles or it won't lead up to good? In this work not only the difference of artificial intelligence from consciousness of the person is shown, but it is also demonstrated - to what result this difference will lead.

  What way the artificial intelligence will corrupt and crush us?
  Under the artificial intelligence (AI), apparently, should be understood the ability of the machine (electronic computing, quantum or other) brain to solve tasks, to provide the requested information and, using sensors, to control a variety of devices by modeling of a situation according to a goal.
  The main characteristics of this brain are the memory size and processor speed on use of the programs, entered into it, exceeding the same characteristics of the human brain, and thus allowing to effectively replace a person both in solving various problems, and in managing complex processes.
  In particular, AI is used in mathematical proofs, data analysis, when planning, forecasting, translation, systematization of knowledge, training, recognition, interaction with the external environment according to indications of sensors (manipulation of objects, navigation, regulation of technological processes, diagnosis of diseases, customer service in finance and trade, protection of objects, control of transport, harmful productions, entertainments etc.).
  Part of scientists believes that the artificial intelligence, as well as and the person, is capable to have creative abilities, or creativity. In particular, treat Mark Ridl from Institute of Technology of Georgia (USA) them and the head of the association "London Futurists" David Wood (Great Britain).
  To understand whether AI is capable to perform creative functions, we will note some of its features.
  AI is only capable to perceive the goal set to it, but cannot put it independently, and AI does not understand sense of the obtained data which after interpretation turn into information for the person.
  AI is not capable to turn into a conscious being of any level because he recognizes these or those data on matrixes, enclosed into it by a person for a person, and not for itself.
  AI does not have an independent life, for which any living being has to fight, and it is not able to continue itself in the offspring.
  AI is able to work only through the human intermediation, but at the same time it does not require the mandatory communication with other AI.
  AI is capable to work only at means of the person, but at the same time it does not require obligatory communication with other AI. In this respect AI is the common thing, which is not interested in anything and not interesting to anybody, until it will not be connected to a power source and will not be entered into it the programs answering the purpose of the person whereas any living being is not capable to live in isolation, and the living being "is disconnected" from life only after death, that is - after withdrawal from the body consciousness.
  AI is capable to use only the rules of the formal logic within a solution of the task set to it, in particular, it can produce a new information, only combining the information known to it, but is not capable to produce essentially new information in another way. In particular, an intuitive approach is not available to it and it has no imagination.
  AI recalls in relation to the solution of certain tasks of the rational people who discover new relations of objects and phenomena only in a different combination of them, and new items - only by a combination of known parts in a different way - in accordance with the logical constructions.
  Therefore, AI, like rational people, cannot go beyond the limits of reasonable information processing, that is, a template.
  Anyway, but accelerated processing the information in comparison with a human brain, and fast acquisition within the framework of the goal of describing a variety of useful objects and presenting solutions to many complex, labor-intensive or multi-level tasks using existing programs, as well as the immediate provision of data to users within the existing database have transferred the civilization over the past few decades in a different-more condensed-time mode, the positive features of which are reflected in the following.
  The use of available information for the public has been facilitated many times. In particular, the Internet as much as possible provided access to virtually any available database for each person.
  Besides, there was a possibility of fast carrying out the most complex calculations, in particular, for a solution of earlier unavailable technological and scientific problems, and by that - designing and production not only new means of communication, computers, other consumer goods, but also space vehicles, new foodstuff, dwellings, studying of a genome of living beings, effective management of various processes without direct human participation, etc.
  As a result, the process of cultural and technological development of civilization has accelerated significantly.
  Nevertheless, as it was shown above, AI is not capable to set independently the purposes and to offer seeming at first sight by the incompatible, or absolutely original, so how it acts only under the programs, entered into it, irrespective of its high-speed performance and volume of the available memory, which can repeatedly exceed similar opportunities of a human brain.
  In other words, AI is capable to be only the assistant to the person, modeling a certain process on the set way that is far from creative endeavors, but it significantly accelerates and facilitates work of the person, and also allows it to penetrate into previously inaccessible spheres due to the limited action of the sense organs and insufficient memory size.
  However, is a person capable, without prejudice, to "digest" the actions of such assistant!?
  The facilitated information access blocks development of the person who can jump without effort from one topic on another now, using information which is already obtained earlier by others without carrying out own educational-research work, to replace own reflection with an information stream from AI, relying in all its decisions and actions on the options provided to them, which means the suspension of the work of the main target self-awareness programs. And this process of actual inaction of a person"s highest consciousness, like drug addiction, gradually dulls him, transferring the person into a state of lower (animal) consciousness, that is, lowering the level of his own self-consciousness to an extreme minimum.
  At the same time, it becomes more and more difficult for a person to embrace and comprehend the increasing flow of information through the Internet, especially since civilization is heterogeneous: every state, every elite, every religious center pursues its own goals, confronting each other.
  The negative impact of AI on a person after its appearance, that is, during the last decades, has already led to the emergence of a generation of relatively young people with "clip" thinking.
  They do not make it difficult of themselves to memorize certain data, having the ability immediately to receive them from the computer, and thereby they lose the ability to autonomously conduct long-term and systematic research, in which it is only possible to mentally combine heterogeneous and often seemingly incompatible information.
  This generation is a ready and grateful consumer of various new products, but it is not able to come up with both fundamentally new and find a way out of non-standard situations when savvy and intuition becomes the only helper.
  Association of similar people with AI quickly enough should lead a civilization to accident, so how acquaintance with an avalanche information stream becomes for them harder and harder to the adequate analysis, and becomes even more difficult thereof its adequate use, so how its filtering, as a rule, by doubtful criteria becomes actually only method of ordering of information, which hide the essence of the proceeding processes owing to limitation of resources of a human body and provoke inadequate reaction to the arriving data, at this the responsibility for the made decisions is born not by(with) AI, which is indifferent to what is happening, and the person yourself.
  Thus, as a rule, symptomatic phenomena are eliminated, or only those that the specialist can detect and evaluate within the framework of his own limited experience.
  As a result, the apparent inadequacy of the reaction to what is happening leads to negative consequences, differing only in degree. One of the first signals of such inadequacy was the Chernobyl disaster.
  In other words, with the growth of information flows, AI begins to falter, since programs compiled by man do not cover the whole diversity of complex systems, and a significant amount of conflicting information does not allow a person - the recipient of information - to choose the right solution.
  The situation of technological collapse threatening with crash of all civilization is aggravated also with the occurring cultural collapse.
  Rapid expansion of a zone of use of AI in production of goods and means of production and also in the field of services, deprives a significant part of the educated population of work.
  These people get into a situation of life on social benefits, receiving, it"s true, a free day in return for a working day, but these days are infinitely boring, because on social benefits especially you will not spree, and to be engaged in something creative and productive these people, owning only certain professional skills, are not accustomed, besides the fact, the abilities to these occupations, which are not routine, that is not an easy activity, so, and the aspiration to them, as a rule, is not available.
  There remains the sphere of banal activities, such as dominoes, computer games, garden and garden affairs, etc., as well as the scope of crime for especially aggressively stupid or cunning-wise ones.
  For more information about the "casus of free time", refer to the work (in Russian) with the same name (see, for example, the collection "All conversely. Answers to tricky questions about interesting", part 2, chapter 1, 2018. www. litres.ru).
  Naturally, such a loss of themselves due to the gradual repulsion of the working people by artificial intelligence from some meaningful activities, giving them confidence in their importance to society, leads them to degradation, and a civilization in general to loss of its essence consisting in the structure developing and guarding consciousness of each generation, which existence in the conditions of similar lowering of the level of self-values, so, and self-consciousness of people, loses meaning whereas the coming domination of machine artificial intelligence does not bear for AI any sense owing to its brainlessness, that is, because of lack consciousness at it that means impossibility for AI of independent development.
  Moreover, the acquisition by artificial intelligence over time creative abilities, similar human, will never happen due to the lack of its ability to "disconnect" from the formal logical, or strictly programmatic approach to solving problems and without this "distraction-disconnection", obtaining a fundamentally new knowledge or manifestation of inventiveness (non-standard approach) in any field of activity is impossible.
  The fact is that inventiveness, or solution of a certain problem essentially in a new way means "adaptation" to each other formally incongruous, but not a combination of the known things and receptions: the objects and the phenomena that are not combined in one plane, as it were, can ideally fit one another, if they are "fitted" to one another as if in volume.
  The problem, however, is that it is not possible to find this "volume", that is, to enter another dimension with the help of calculations, algorithms, standards, known knowledge, techniques, and even experiments.
  For the example, we will give two obviously beyond formal-logical approaches technological sentences, not fitting into the known patterns, and unavailable therefore to any AI.
  One of them is fuel-free power unit (Yu. Potapov, patent of the Russian Federation No. 2045715, 1993). The vortex heat generator of Potapov is executed in the form of a vertical cylindrical pipe into which the upper part is tangentially entered the water flow with such speed at which with turbulization of a flow appear cavitational bubbles, as a result, water the heats up quickly, and the heat release is redundant, which was shown not only on models, but also during comparative tests in NPO "Energia" in 1996.
  The measured heat release was about 142% of the expended energy. The installation, despite such violation of the laws of conservation, was manufactured and even began to be sold. In particular, it was manufactured and sold by the enterprises of Fakel (Kaliningrad), Thermovikhr,, Noteka, Yurle (Belarus).
  Another creative proposal is the development of a system and methodology for the movement of vehicles on highways without the formation of traffic jams (Makarov Yu. F., Nizovtsev Yu.M. Bulletin of transport information No. 11.2013). Its essence boils down to a paradoxical idea: instead of fight against traffic jams it is offered not to lead up traffic flows up to the state, which is hopeless for the movement, that is, for traffic flows the state of congestion and traffic jams is excluded owing to the establishment of the constant non-stop movement of practically any number of vehicles on highways. The similar transport mode provides the maximum throughput of highways thanks to maintaining of the distance between moving vehicles providing their free movement - with displacement from some lanes of others. The mode of non-stop traffic on highways of the network within 30-90 km per hour is maintained automatically without allowing a sudden drop in speed, not only due to the preliminary coordination of the throughput of the corresponding section of the highway and the throughput of the entrances, adjacent to this site of the highway, but also, in extraordinary cases, due to the restriction of entrance of cars on the ground or elevated highway on those sections, on which the speed of traffic falls lower than 30 km/h, by means of the integrated system of speed sensors of traffic and entrance traffic lights. At this, the problem of narrowing of the route, for example, owing to accidents which is also leading to formation of traffic jams, is solved by the introduction on all sections of each city highway of the reserve-technical (buffer) lane for a detour of places of accidents. This buffer lane can also be used for entrance-exit of cars, as well as the for passage of medical vehicles and buses.
  Therefore, all truly great discoveries and inventions, masterpieces of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and literature, which are then repeatedly copied and somehow changed - not always for the better - emerged as a result of "coupling" outwardly incompatible by means of an exit into other mental and sensual dimensions, often referred to as the unconscious.
  Actually, the transition to unconscious means arrival of inspiration, or insight which, in effect, is explained by local coincidence of interest, expressed in certain purpose, and the experience of the person possessing, besides, certain inherent abilities in the relevant field, for example, music, color, smell, associative memory, etc., and all this must be supported by a strong will that holds the person in the field of the chosen aspiration, despite possible long periods of failure.
  Intensive interest, for example, can fetch the person into a state of excitation, and experience and abilities help to formulate clearly the questions, which can cause an "outflow" out of nowhere sudden realization of the event or can lead to a desired solution, as well as an answer to the question posed.
  However, the achievement of an outstanding result depends not only on the interest, will, scale and clarity of the goal, abilities (brain structure) of the person, but also on individual developments during the whole past life, on the ability to distract from the routine (reality).
  In other words, the inspiration mechanism (intuition, insight) consists in such a combination of the highest (self-consciousness) and the lowest (animal) forms of consciousness, - certainly present, but to varying degree, in every person - in which consciousness begins to work as automatically (without reflections and logic), as it happens at animals for their survival, and along with that into this automatic scheme relatively short time are embed all human achievements in the form of acquired experience and meanings in a given area of society, existing knowledge and skills in line with certain target orientation, as well as individual (from birth) are relatively briefly integrated into this automatic scheme. ) the capabilities of his thinking apparatus.
  Such relatively short-term harmonious fusion of targeted self-awareness programs, that are capable of the correction and self-training, and programs of the lowest consciousness, ideal for the survival, which are not counteracting each other, as usual, and working in unison, allows in automatic mode, in accordance with the intended purpose, to scan all the information concentrated in a person for his life and to "catch" from the myriad new connections the desired ones of connections, which, apparently, is a consequence of the formation of a kind of resonance between the configured goal and a complex of new communications, coinciding in their informational content with the goal, that is, those that are most suitable for this case, being, for example, the most effective for a particular technology or the most impressive for an object of art. And this is possible only in the free search mode, but with a predetermined goal.
  Of course, reaching this kind of the "frequency coincidence" is rather difficult to effectively accomplish the task, because of the significant amount of information accumulated over the lifetime, which is scanned in a similar free search mode, and it can only be simplified (to narrow the volume) by many years of preparatory work in the relevant field, knowledge of details, and at the same time knowledge of related disciplines. Nevertheless, obtaining non-trivial solutions (outside of formal logic) without fulfilling these conditions is impossible.
  Strangely enough, but in the preparatory work to such insight, the same AI, connected to Internet, can provide extremely great assistance, clarifying the direction of search and correcting the target.
  It is clear, that it is a little individuals corresponding to "severe" criteria of truly creative activity in comparison with all mass of the population, and they mostly make unusable products - that "artists" that "writers" that "researchers" in science and technology, since the creativity is not equivalent to talent - it is only the basis for the manifestation of a person's innate abilities, which may or may not be, but which cannot be acquired through labor or education, and they meet not often.
  In other words, the work of AI is based on combinatorics, that is, the search for combinations of data available in its base, and 11-19 billion neurons of the human cortex and 150 billion of all neurons of the human body work on a different principle - not on data exchange, but on distribution and conversion during all lifetime of the person of information by means of appearing and disappearing communications - some kind of impulses of updating - between neurons which are not programmed and do not give in to modeling, and the number of which, naturally, for a certain time interval can be many times more than the neurons themselves, and the new combination of which can be "caught" only in the process of free scanning the target"s "butterfly net", and the principal novelty of the "caught" is due to the random formation of links between neurons. All this allows, in principle, "to reach" the desired and at the same time original solution or to get the necessary answer, if, of course, the goal enters a kind of resonance with a set of new connections that are most suitable for this case.
  Thus, this kind of process, called insight, or insight, is not necessary for doing usual things, solving trivial tasks or tasks in the formal-logical plane (in this plane, in particular, the activity of the overwhelming majority of scientists and managers proceed) is available only to a person by virtue of his constitution as live organism, but not "iron" in a mathematical frame, and this process succeeds most correctly to the creative persons owing to certain combination of the lowest and highest forms of consciousness.
  Creative persons are always crowded with deep feeling of disappointment in relation to the environment surrounding them which comes to them from the lowest consciousness in its aspiration to creation of big conveniences to existence. However, this feeling is combined with their highest consciousness which dissatisfaction with insufficient public comfort, development of science or art, reaching high degree, demands to extend achievements of a civilization and culture to all.
  But the lowest consciousness dominates in this case, as a result of which the activity of these individuals is manifested mostly by instinct, without much reflections, with minimum of rationality - a formal-logical approach, - giving, nevertheless, the most creative people from all living.
  Nevertheless, and for persons, which are the most capable to these creative procedures, similar complex process of "getting" of essentially new knowledge has very low efficiency, so how it has in many respects accidental character.
  That is why there were not so many great discoverers and creators of the absolutely new in the entire history of our civilization, and all other figures who are not creative people, but pretending to be them, are just imitators, which there are especially numerous in art.
  Thus, high-quality cultural and technological growth of a civilization depends only on creators of essentially new, and the accelerated development of a civilization for the last decades as it is paradoxical, is provoked by generally brainless artificial intelligence which is also thought up by the creators of the new.
  And this AI is amazingly effective if to remember still a recent sluggish current of time in its absence, both concerning technological and cultural progress, and on coverage of all population the consumption benefits.
  All the other members of the population, in contrast to creative personalities, unfortunately, can only with more or less success copy, supplement, implement, as well as consume everything or admire all that the creators of the new thought up initially.
  Nevertheless, to save a civilization from crash creative personalities, even ifthey will try very much, will not be able. On the contrary, they and are "guilty" of approaching of the information collapse caused, in effect, by AI invented by them.
  However, inevitability of this process clearly demonstrates constancy of discreteness of the finite and the infinite.
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