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The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain.Part 5.

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  The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain. Part 5. What the Man in the Overcoat loves about the Rain.
   Перевод "Человек в Пальто и Дождь".Часть 5. За что Человек в пальто любит Дождь.Автор: Леля Эн.
  Оригинал можно прочитать: https://www.proza.ru/2015/11/20/1068.
  The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain sat on the bench, watching wavy water from the deserted boardwalk. From the height of that place the water seemed too dense, with little toy- ships being moved along its surface .As though someone moved them with an invisible hand..
  "Everything is still going on childishly. I have the same feelings as if we were kids,"-the Man in the Overcoat said.
  "When children are moving their toy-ships along the top of the table, they have no doubts they are moving them along the sea. And now I"m watching the moving ships, and it seems to me..As if big children were playing,"-he added thoughtfully.
  "What do you love about me? "- asked the Rain, all of a sudden.
  "What is it that I love about you,"-echoed the Man in the overcoat. He reflected for a moment,then went on:
  " Everything suddenly has become very simple, hasn"t it? Actually, to answer such a question, people usually hit each other with the big eye, wondering. What on earth does it mean? Such an odd question, isn"t it? I love everything about you! When someone is loved, that means, everything is loved about him!"- the Man in the overcoat leaned back against the bench , well-built long time ago, heavy and comfortable.
  The Rain was still waiting for something.
  "But they are still telling lies, aren"t they?"- the Man in the overcoat said, musing upon a distant scene."They do keep telling lies, because a certain reason for this feeling does exist... It does exist, no doubt. Because one is always loved for something special.. For dimples on the cheeks, for warm and tender hands, for a chance to talk with and a chance for both to be silent, for kindness, passion or tenderness, good attitude, for a smile, a particular eye view, a peculiar look , for the eyes, voice and laughter...There are loads of reasons to love. The trouble is, that people have forgotten how to love. They are incapable of loving. That"s why they make up trite phrases as well as sample answers to this question.. They have nothing to say when they answer like that. Or maybe something wrong with the reason for being around someone or with someone. And they hate telling the truth about it.
  No doubt, the exceptions do happen! Sometimes people say like that, if they are afraid of being funny or being rejected,"-the Man in the Overcoat stopped.
  The Rain was listening to him very carefully. Then he sprayed with water the flock of pigeons, that willfully ignored him joking .The pigeons kept treading proudly upon the beautifully tiled pavement.
  The Man in the overcoat went on and on:
  "I love you , because when you"re around, I feel different. Because your presence makes me feel special. I"m getting better with you. You inspire me. I enjoy you touching me. I love you being warm, you know. I love you being cold as well. But in this case I enjoy watching you from the outside. Besides, I love so much the way you make the World clean. Nobody else is capable of doing it. And what is more..The Rainbow! How can you make it?!"
  The Rain sat, smiling. He kept pestering the pigeons, spraying them with water. But the pigeons were determined not to fly away. They walked around nearby, stamping their paws . Waiting for the conscience of that weird couple to wake up and expecting those two to offer some delicious tidbits to them.
  "Rain!"- the Man in the overcoat pushed the Rain with his shoulder.
  "I love you because you"re my friend, and we"re sharing a huge heap of the best moments of our lives!"
  "Some marvelous times, the best moments...,"-the Rain was smiling dreamily. Then he added:
  "I expected you to put this to me another way, say, differently, you know. It"s been a pleasure to listen to you. We do need to talk to each other. The other understanding comes when we start speaking to each other."
  " Right. We need to speak about Love, but, besides, we must learn to love. One should say what it is he loves about him or her. Following all this, everybody not only becomes better..This way we learn to love,"- the Man in the overcoat got up from the bench.
  "Let"s go, shall we?"- he asked.
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