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The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain.Part 7.

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  The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain. Part 7. The Rain and his important business.
   Перевод "Человек в Пальто и Дождь".Часть 7. Дождь и его важные дела. Автор: Леля Эн.
  Оригинал можно прочитать: https://www.proza.ru/2016/03/10/1979.
  The Man in the overcoat sat on the window sill of his flat, looking into the sky to find at least a single little cloud. He was waiting. He"d been waiting for a whole month. But the Rain"d disappeared. And for a whole month had he never come by.
  The Man in the overcoat realized, that the Rain was busy. Just busy with something very important.
  Suddenly he felt, that he was being watched. He lifted his eyes to see some large eyes, staring at him without blinking from the window glass of the opposite building.
  These eyes were immediately exposed. Because..No matter what size they were, it was impossible not to recognize them. And, what"s more, who else could draw in water?
  The Man in the overcoat happily laughed out loud .Then he laid his hands on the frame, his feet on the window sill, and leaned out of the window, trying to make out at least a single little cloud in the sky.
  Detached from the opposite building, these drawn-in-water eyes began to approach the Man in the overcoat.
  Only then it became noticeable, that they consisted of small droplets, shimmering in the sun like wonderful gemstones. Actually, what does it mean "like"? In such a dry month they were real jewels for all living things.
  Suddenly it seemed, that their thread had been pulled out, as if from the bead. And like sparkling seed pearl, droplets scattered, flowing down. At that time a big grumpy cloud started crawling from behind the building. The cloud seemed to have been sitting on its roof , tied on with a rope, for a whole month.
  "Well.. Hallo!"-having pushed forward that heavy cloud, the Rain jumped onto the window sill to the Man in the overcoat.
  "I missed you so much!"- he said. He slammed his hands against the palms of his friend, splashes of water all around.
  "I"m with you!"- shouted the Man in the overcoat, his face lit."I also want to wash the town like you do."
  His eyes and face shone with peculiar welcome. Only when you meet someone or something from your home world, very near and dear,can your face shine like that.
  The Rain kept his eyes glued on his friend. He admired him.
  All of a sudden, he picked him up , the dark cloud in the other hand, and set to move slowly forward, with mock grumble and rumble. He kept covering the town with a dark cloud-carpet, filled with moisture, like a waterbed.
  People were so delighted, that the Rain came. His sudden appearance wasn"t odd for them.
   What"s odd was that the overcoat was flying high up in the sky, all alone, with its sleeves swinging and its folds flapping.
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