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The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain. Part 8..

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   The Man in the Overcoat and the Rain. Part 8. The Man in the Overcoat and his important business.
  Перевод "Человек в Пальто и Дождь".Часть 8. Человек в Пальто и его важные дела. Автор: Леля Эн.
  Оригинал можно прочитать: https://www.proza.ru/2016/04/02/555.
  It was a little early in the morning...Too early.
  The silent early hours , at the crack of dawn.The first morning birds had hardly started waking up.
  And the Sun was still thinking over the point of rising. The Sun was in a doubt: to rise or..maybe.. to wait a little longer? But still..
  Anyway. The Sun was about to rise. The Sun was on his way. The Sun was coming.
  The Man in the Overcoat put hurriedly his shoes on, feeling the approach of the Sun. He had a matter of great significance that day. The matter of great importance to be done at that very time.
  He ran down the stairs, opened the front door and went out.
  The Man in the Overcoat took a deep breath, his face towards the skies, and then breathed out noisily.. It's a true ritual to take in a breath of fresh morning air, properly.
  It's a special, particular air. 'The crack of dawn's' air...
  The crack of dawn- kind of..a turning point, kind of 'border- crossing ' time.
  'The crack of dawn's' air filled with invisible energy is worth being recharged with. A real boost in energy levels for the whole day!
  The Man in the Overcoat was walking fast.He found himself at the tram station just at the moment when the first streetcar arrived.
  He jumped easily onto that tram and kept riding on, swaying to the beat of the tram. He was heading somewhere to the edge of the city through the silent streets in the early hours of the morning.
   Getting off the tram at the last stop, he looked around to find something he was looking for. It was a huge package. Too great a burden for him to bear alone. But the Man in the Overcoat hugged that 'burden' as if it were someone dearest and nearest, took it up from the ground and hurried back to the stop, the package in his arms.
  The tram was in cahoots with him, waiting patiently for the Man in the overcoat to get on through the back door.
  No doubt, that the tram 'd known him well enough to have common dealings with. Besides, they'd had their own relationship, sharing their secrets with each other.
  So, the tram set off, jingling quietly and carrying carefully the Man in the overcoat with his strange burden, tightly wrapped in a black plastic bag. They kept moving hurriedly to the area of newly-erected buildings. While everyone was asleep, the Man in the overcoat had to do a very important thing.
  He got off the tram on the station he needed, waved goodbye at his tram-friend and headed to the courtyards of newly- erected buildings, his package carefully held in his arms.
  The tram tinkled a bell with restraint and went on his own way, about his business. So did the Man in the overcoat.
  Turned to the nearest courtyard, he put carefully his burden and unwrapped it.
  There was a spade on the top. Not a big spade, but really a good one for digging a hole quickly.
  'Why are you doing that?' there came a sound from behind his back.
  'Oh! Here you are... Hallo!' the Man in the overcoat rose to his feet and swung right round.
  'All of a sudden you are,' he added.
  'I'm for a moment. Just burning with curiosity,' the Rain turned round the Man in the overcoat and bent over the package.
  'My goodness...Quite unexpectedly, you know. But ..I see,' the Rain said and gave him a friendly look.
  'So, don't go away then. I'll need your help,' the Man in the overcoat replied, the spade in his hands.
  'I'll try to do it quickly,' he added.
  He dug a row of not big holes round the concrete playground, quickly and deftly, and came back to his burden.
  He crouched down, stroking lovingly the young trees, which were asleep, holding each other in the branches.
  'You'll have to wake them up,' the Rain said.'And have to plant them out real quick, don't you?'
  'And you..Do water them with your warm summer...,' asked him the Man in the overcoat with a smile.
  Then he went on: 'Well..She said she'd been having trouble breathing..She could hardly breathe in.. It's impossible for her to take a deep breath. If you're incapable of taking a full breath...That means you can't be possibly happy, you know.'
  Thus, the friends were hurriedly getting the things done. It was so important!
  While the Man in the overcoat was finishing his work, planting the last of the trees, the Rain was watering them carefully with warm summer Delight. They both were busy doing it when suddenly there came a noise from the distance... That noise was approaching them.
  Having heard the noise, the young sleepy trees felt something at once and started from sleep, stretching their branches and sending them to the sky.
  'The Earth's breathed in,' the Rain said.'She is trying to take in a deep breath..Will she succeed? Will she be able to do that?'
  'No doubt, she will! I'm not alone.There's more of us coming. She'll be able to do it very soon. She's succeeded in doing it already. She's managed to take quite a breath. Not so full and deep maybe.. But.. she is still trying. She just.. hasn't been trying for so long,' the Man in the overcoat answered.
  He stood, leaning over his friend and staring into the distance. He stood, smiling.
  Here, on the outskirts of the city were seen horizon and hills.
  And the Sun was seen to be rising and watching surprisingly the changes that had happened.
  The Earth was smiling at the Sun, as usual. But today the Earth was a bit happier.
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