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About me

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About me

Photo [Владимир Суханов]
   I, Vladimir Sukhanov, was born in Kaliningrad in 1955.
  -- I entered the Kaliningrad Technical Institution of Fish Industry (now Kaliningrad Technical University) in 1972 and graduated in 1977. My specialization was Automation and complex mechanization of chemical-technological processes. I was qualified as engineer-electro-mechanic.
  -- I graduated full course of ship's electro-mechanic at Kaliningrad Sea School in 1976
  -- I entered the Tatar Public Institution of Patentology in 1977 and graduated in 1979, and was qualified as patent engineer of ALL-Union Society of inventors.
   From 1980 to 1990 25 inventions were published (5 of which were worked up with co-authors) in electro-technical, in the fields of electrical engineering, instrument manufacture, robotics engineers, machine building, technical safety and the fisheries
   . http://zhurnal.lib.ru/s/suhanow_w_n/finven.shtml
   I worked as an engineer, a research assistant, an official in the educational system and a teacher. I was a clergyman in Orthodox Church, worked in Mosque.
   I worked up the programme "Inventive Creation" for extra education of students at colleges, technical institution, science faculties of universities.
   In the period 1985-1990 I travelled through Russia, Middle Asia, and Northern Caucasus very much. I looked for the people living by Bible. I researched Islam. I looked for the people, who read of The Persian Bayan, and I searched for this Book. Every people have itself secret, soul, world view and they are living because of them. It is very interesting and in a worthy of studying since this information is not in reference books.
   Last years I worked at the problems of the universe creating, united metrology, anthology of natural phenomena... and came to the conclusion that the basic problems of humanity consist not in the limitedness of energy resources, raw material and foodstuffs, but in the attitudes of each person toward itself, to other people, to surrounding us world and to our Creator. My book is the result of this research:
   I am married. My wife is Valentina Sukhanova (before Fedoseeva). She is my companion and helper in all ways.
   In 2002, 2006 we published the translation of the book "A Summary of The Persian Bayan" from English in Russian.
In 2003 we published my book "Inventive Creation".
   See more in my article "Idea" http://zhurnal.lib.ru/s/suhanow_w_n/ideaen.shtml
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