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Static for 15 - Bike Security Guard song

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I'm in the middle of the mush,
       The gear of Grinder,
       Have to push.
       Those heavy masses,
       This melting juice;
I'm in the middle of this mental drug abuse.
       No word
       Can clearly describe this torture,
       No picture 
       Can express the vicious pain,
       How blindly, 
       We trust Civilization to restrain.
       Attention Shoppers,
       Please, return!
       Attention Shoppers,
       Please, stop running!
Attention Shoppers...
On the parking lot
I"m static for 15 and punning;

And I am back in boiling pot
       Continuing the fable
       Collapsing on this Lot,
       By Starbucks stable;
I am giving up!
       You must keep going...
I am ruined!
       Yet, you're not destroyed...
Okay, Today I will survive.
       I will be breathing heavily.
Yet, for tomorrow
       Don't count on me to be alive
       Despise this place unbearably;
       More days Crossed Down, 
       More pain I found.
No real climax-
       All constant pain;
       How can I clean this mental stain?
When I am static for 15 again.

Moving, Moving,
       Your own, 
       On your own;
       Moving circles, 
       Turning on, Switching off 
       Turning off, Switching on.
       Submerged in babysitting role
       They think I represent "Control".
I think I am going crazy now
       Another cold and angry stare;
       My bike will break down...
       I'm getting used to this cement.
       It smells OK.
       I cannot taste it...
Yet, it slowly crawls inside my system.
       I wear a smile and I listen to birds and herds of car
Time passing slowly,
       Slowly, slowing down;
       And every second seems like hour
       And every hour seems like year
Thank God my mind does not exist here.
And I am static for 15 again.

       And I'm still breathing, 
Oh, No! Where did they come from...?
       Such Crafty City
       Such Painful day
What can I say-?
       "It's Surrey!"
In bitter State of Drunken Mind
       I'm looping on my friendly bike. 
       Brandy on ice, 
       It's no surprise
This frenzy smile will stay with me, awhile.
       On yellow bike I will continue my ride in rain 
       All soaking wet, right to the bones
I am drying up my 
       Goddamn socks;
And static for 15.

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