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The Sketch about a Timekeeping

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    Скетч о тайминге The Sketch about a Timekeeping

  The Sketch about a Timekeeping
  - What size of the grant?
  - 1000000.
  - How many minutes need to be fulfilled?
  - 840. That is, 14 hours - 60 minutes in each.
  - It's a lot, but we will make "packages" - 2 hours each. We will try to do the all within 7 days.
  - So ... 1000000 ... 840 ... And how many ideas?
  - Internet filters work in online. On average, 1 idea comes in a 10 minutes period.
  - But the themes of the ideas, the levels, quality of the ideas - are the different ...
  - That's why they gave you 840 minutes. For 840 minutes you will receive 84 ideas. Of these, 10 percent, that is 8.4-well, rounded, - 10 ideas - more or less of a normal level and quality.
  - And a literary and intellectual factories? A personal intellectual slaves?
  - In these options there are elements of doubt, some risk. Why do we need to be the dubious? These are options for the fussy. The intelligent Internet crowdsourcing is a thing socially accepted and endorsed.
  - You're right!
  - The ideas need to be been effective presented ... At rather high level of abstraction.
  - You are right. An idea is the abstraction. An idea isn't attached to any personality.
  - The quantity us is small. But - and grants there isn't a lot of.
  - The budget is not a rubber.
  - In general, " hurry slowly." A slow, brooding way of a speaking. All sorts of emotional "seasoning". "Civilization" - "outstanding achievements" - "we" - "startups" - "discourses" - "modeling of the future". Well, in the same spirit. It is not a dogma. Of course, creativity is welcome.
  - It isn't necessary to hurry with the presentation of ideas. You're "pull a thought", and ideas from the Internet are "dropping". All sorts of schoolboys, students, intellectual volunteers, suddenly left without work, restless pensioners. Also it isn't forbidden to others. You "abstract" the ideas, - you clean the ideas, as far as possible, from authorship. Also you insert the ideas into a weaves of words.
  - And 1000000 in our pockets!
  - Yes!
  - You are a genius!
  - The burlak - the barge hauler - of industrialization!
  - Nevertheless not everything is so simple ...
  - Well, it is clear ... Not yesterday were born ...
  - Turn on the toggle-switch!
  - We begin the intellectual movement!
  May 18, 2018 09:50
  Translation from Russian into English: May 18, 2018 15:03.
  Владимир Владимирович Залесский 'Скетч о тайминге'.
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