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Operation - "blankets for the Indians" Part three What can be done to reduce the effects of the pandemic today

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When the Creator wants to punish someone, he robs his mind

   Brief essay about coronavirus pandemic. English - http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/coronovirucpandemia.shtml
   Operation - "Blankets for Indians"
   Part One / for what tasks this virus was created /Russian-language- http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/graveclothes.shtml
   Part Two / What, in my opinion, is the coronavirus that caused the pandemic? / Russian-language - http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/blanket_2.shtml
   Part Three / What can be done to reduce the effects of the pandemic today. / Russian-language - http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/blanket_3.shtml
   Part Three / What can be done to reduce the effects of the pandemic today. /English -- http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/blanket_3_ingl.shtml
   Part Four / Physical methods of counteraction and treating of the coronavirus pandemic/ Russian-language - http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/blanket_4.shtml
   Part Four / Physical methods of counteraction and treating of the coronavirus pandemic/ English - http://samlib.ru/g/gera_g/blanket_4_ingl.shtml
   Part Three
   What can be done to reduce effects of the pandemic today
   First I'll try to answer a question - why, when it is such evident dependence of the course of the coronavirus disease on hepatitis vaccination, this question has not been raised anywhere in press.
   Media talks about anything - a vaccine for tuberculosis; medicines for malaria; homeopathic medicines and obviously fraudulent treatment regimens.
   But any discussion regarding hepatitis is a taboo.
   Everything is very simple - all major medical senior government officials of leading countries showed their professional failure by rejecting hepatitis vaccines.
   An official, if there is a threat to his political career, will never admit his mistakes, especially if it is not him, but someone else will suffer for them.
   Almost all major medical senior government officials, following the populist political currents, recognized the hepatitis vaccination as optional.
   And what for they to do now?
   To admit, that as a result of what they have done, thousands of people got sick and die.
   This is for them impossible in principle!
   Situation in Russia is still worse - there Putin and his partners in crime simply plundered and destroyed, for personal gain, completely working medicine's structure of the whole country.
   But this is already corresponds to the article - "an action of a criminal group that led to death of two or more people."
   So what do we have today?
   Basing on characteristics of coronavirus and its interaction with hepatitis D, a complex-acting vaccine is unlikely to be created.
   What is things that they beginning to be advertised now in the network as "innovative" attempt to treat by means of serum of people who received immunity at this coronavirus?
   Actually - this method is called as immunoglobulin obtaining.
   And at the same time they modestly withhold to explain that in order to get such a medicine you need to take a serum from about 1000 patients and it will be enough, at best, only for about 300 sick people - that is, only for officials and their families.
   And even then, there are very serious doubts that this will work -
   Firstly, (C) "... The mutation rate of HDV / hepatitis D virus, which in many countries, is largely linked to the severe epidemiological situation with coronavirus, is higher than that of most RNA viruses.
   In connection with such a mutation rate, it is assumed that HDV circulates within a single infected host organism as a series of subspecies. "
   Secondly, (C) "... Articles by some researchers ..., show that many patients who have recovered from coronavirus infection don't have antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in their blood. These give doubt as to the effectiveness of passive antibody therapy and vaccination by the serum."
   Is it possible to use a comprehensive vaccine against hepatitis, which, although it does not cure, will translate the disease into a mild form?
   It is not only possible, but also necessary to use to combat with the epidemic.
   But there are two big problems -
   Firstly - only China has such a comprehensive hepatitis vaccine (A, B, C, D. E) - But the Occidental countries will likely send its entire population to infectious barracks rather than bow to China.
   Secondly - may such a complication as Hypercytokinemia .... the so-called "cytokine storm".
   That is - for already sick people, vaccination, to insure from this complication, must be carried out by putting a patient in a hospital for two days.
   This is certainly better than death of a patient within a week under a respirator, but in such s case, it will need to be process millions people.
   There is a drug against Hypercytokinemia - Tocilizumabum immunosuppressant but such drug is very problematic.
   Which means, it can also be used only in a hospital setting
   This being said what can be done right now without exorbitant costs?
   For some reason, everyone carefully "forgot" that both - this type of coronavirus and hepatitis are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.
   Why "diligently"?
   The question "who will create the vaccine first," even if it will be low effective, can anticipate a profit of billions of dollars and megalomania of political prestige.
   So, cheap physical methods in this case are not relevant, and also undesirable.
   What about people?
   When the West raises the question of super profits and political megalomania, people are only consumables.
   Physical treatment and limiting the epidemic.
   Like many other microorganisms, these viruses are quite susceptible to ultraviolet light. This is invisible part of electromagnetic radiation spectrum lying in the range from 150 to 300 nanometers.
   Under its influence, these microorganisms lose their activity, cease to multiply and even die.
   This is due to the fact that ultraviolet radiation disencumber structure of RNA and DNA of viruses, and as result of that microorganisms loss of their transmissibility.
   If there are UV emitters in the room - they do not cure - they tear the structure majorityof viruses (not in the nasopharynx, but in the air)
   Such particles, firstly, are no longer contagious, and secondly, human immune system reacts to them as a full-fledged virus, and it gradually acquires partial immunity.
   Complete immunity to this type of virus is apparently not possible by definition.
   If a person subsequently becomes infected, then the disease goes away in a very mild form ... well, he coughs a little and has a fever a little - but, it not big problem.
   That is - it is necessary to place ultraviolet emitters wherever possible at crowded public areas - ultraviolet cuts the virus RNA into inactive fragments, which when inhaled give partial immunity - at least the disease will pass in a mild form . This is what we now see when doctors were infected in hospitals where there is a sufficient amount of UV irradiators.
   Where can we get so many powerful UV emitters?
   The funny thing is that they are already available in the number of THOUSAND units in every modern city.
   These are high pressure street lamps.
   We take such a lamp, cut off an oval flask with luminophor from it. Below it there is a Mercury UV RADIATOR.
   Ballast is original, its native; all mounts are standard for these lamps
   How to use!?

To be continued

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