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Freedom of assembly

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    Letter in support of article 31 of Constitution of Russia

The Freedom of assembly in Russia is determined by the article 31 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, http://www.departments.bucknell.edu/russian/const/ch2.html. According to the Federal Law from June 19, 2004, N54-F3 no permission (but notification) for the meeting is required. The Law is often broken by the police of the RF; they beat the participants and detent them.

The freedom of assembly is necessary not as an occasion for the quarrels, but as the instrument of elaborating of peaceful solutions of the public, political and economic problems of the country. It is necessary that the citizens can freely discuss vital problems. This would allow the honest supporters of ruling party (if they exist) to say:"Excuse me, please, I respect your opinion, but your point of view seems to be not sufficiently supported", and to bring the counter-arguments on the questionable topic. In particular, because of the suppression of meetings, the following questions remain underdiscussed:

Does the federal financing of pseudo-scientific projects like gravitsapa mean the ignorance or the bad will of the Russian ministers?

In 2009 December 2, the party "Edinaya Rossia" had organized the meeting of memory of victims of the bombing of the train "Nevsky Express". According to the Law, the notification about this meeting had been submitted to the administration of Moscow within 10-15 days vefore the meeting, id est, few days before the terroristic act. Does this mean that "Edinaya Rossia" is terroristic organization?

About Katyn-2, the statements by the Russian officials contradict each other. No attempts of the investigation group to analyze and explain the contradictions is reported. Does this mean that the members of the investigation group were involved in the organization of that catastrophe?

The authorities of the Russian Federation, instead of show to citizens an example of prudence, by themselves demonstrate the violation of laws, in particular, they violate of rules of the road. (The road police do not stop such violators). They give the sample of misconducts for millions of potential unsafe drivers, provoking the emergency situations in the country. Is such a behavior an equivalent of, for example, a public flag desecration?

The organized robbery of fuel in Karelia in winter of 2009/2010 years had prompted some in Karelia to think about the secession of Karelia from the Russian Federation. In the summer of 2010, the wild fire spreads in Russia. Many victims report the sabotage of the officials; according to the publications, the advanced water-gun machines were not used to stop the fire. Do these events mean that the Russin government cannot handle the huge territory in a civilized way? Does this mean that the territory of Russia should be reduced to some reasonable, controllable size?

Citizens can formulate tens of questions, "uncomfortable" for the government. The authorities of Russia answer such questions with repressions. These repressions are unlawful. Therefore many citizens, instead of supporting of the Russian governors sympathize with the partisans.

Please, do that you can in order to stop violations of Constitution in the Russian Federation. Without the freedom of assembly, Russia will collapse as the USSR did.

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