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Ladoga Karelia for referendum

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    How many people want Karelia to continue as part of the Russian Federation?

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Ladoga Karelia - for the secession from Russia

Caddishness and slang everywhere!
In the school, in the hospitals, and in the transport, and in the family!
Criminality is such, that we afraid to release children to the street!
Our products and water are dangerous to consume!
Birth rate decreases and the mortality grows up!
We become alcoholic and perish from the narcotics!
We are less and less numerous from year to year.
This is result of the policy of the corruptioners, who fill their pockets by money.
We, people of Karelia, remain patient observers, as they plunder our fatherlan.
So how much it is possible to suffer and to bear this?

The authorities of the Russian Federation showed their complete insolvency.
The people of Karelia should not suffer in the yoke of the vertical authority of corrupted officials.
These bribe-takers and knaves keep their positions only because of the support by the Kremlin mafia. The only way to survive for us is to separate from the corrupted Russia, to form our free independent Karelia and, perhaps, to request Finland to accept our republic as part of Suomi.
This not about the revision of the results war of 1939-1945.
This not about our language; and not about our national pride.
This about that, shall we be able to survive, or the Russian corruption will finally destroy us all.

We should organize the referendum with the questions:
1. Should the Karelians people insist on the independence from Russia? (yes, no)
2. If Karelia becomes the independent republic, then, should be the government of Karelia request the government of Finland about the adoption of Karelia as part of Suomi? (yes, no).

We agree to follow all the formalities, required by law for conducting the referendum, but we need your support. Please, let us know, how would you answer the questions of such a referendum and wether you can help us to organize this referendum.

2010, January, Ladoga Karelia.

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