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    Religion, based on the irrefurable concepts by Marx and Lenin

Русская версия этой статьи

Marxizm, or marxism-leninizm, is religion, developed and canonized in the beginning of century XX in the Soviet Union [0] and then in China and other countries. According to this religion, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin (Ulianov), Josef Stalin (Djugashvili) and, in some branches of the marxism, also Friederich Engels and Mao Zedong (Tse Tong) are ideals of human being and creators of the all-mighty philosophy[1]. This is one of main irrefutable principles of marxism.

The idea of marxism can be formulated in the following way:
The valued honest goal justifies any dirty, criminal, cruel and dishonest methods, ways of the achievement.
Instead of this modern expression, the creators of marxism used euphemisms, for example, You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves, Революцию не делают в белых перчатках, Не разбив яиц, невозможно приготовить омлет.

Later, the euphemisms became usual and leaded to the creation of the specific language, Newspeak, ("новояз"). The marxists use such a language so often that they consider it as normal human language. In particular, they deny the existing of the Newspeak, and qualify it as fantasy of writer George Orwell. In the Soviet Union and post-soviet Russia, the intents to call things with their traditional names are considered as heretic, anti-soviet, and punished.

The last gods had changed their names during their revolutionary activity: Vlarimir Ulianov became Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Jugashvili became Iosif Stalin, and Mao Tse Tong become Mao Zedong. The gods are widely known with their updated names.

The main gods of marxism, Marx and Lenin, are weaker, than gods in other religions; so the marxism prohibits the comparison. As in other religions, critics of gods is not allowed in the marxism, although in some branches of the marxism, especially since year 1956, some critics of Stalin is possible[2] in the USSR, but not in China [5]

The books by Marx and Lenin (In China, also those by Stalin and Mao Zedong) are used as canonic texts and set of dogmas. Critics of the canonic texts is not allowed. Within the marxism, the dogmatic character of these books is not recognized[3], discussion of this character is prohibited. In such a way, the marxism does not recognize itself as a religion, but pretends to be a science.

The priests, bishops of the marxism call themselves communists or bolshevicks (In the USSR); their community call themselves communistic party and they deny any analogy of the marxism with other religions. In particular, up to beginning of century XXI, they do not register themselves as a religious community, but as the political party.

Concepts of the marxism

The most advertised dogmas of the marxism refer to the prudent design of the prosper and wise society. The fight of the working people for their rights should unavoidably lead to the building-up of the communistic society without segregation of population to the social classes; everyone is supposed to work so well as he/she can, and the society will satisfy all the needs of every individual. The marxism declares its main enemy, the capitalism; this is marxist equivalent of the evil, Devil, Satan of other religions.

According to the marxism, the main evil of the society is capitalism, and all methods are good to fight it. The marxism criticises classical model of the political economy as non efficient, and declares the socialistic (communistic) economics as the superior. The centralized distribution of goods by the nomenclature is expected to satisfy all needs of everybody.

As it is mentioned above, the marxism does not recognize itself as a religion, but pretend to substitute any old moral norms with so-called marxist moral. It is based on so-called diamat. Such ideology was expected to provide strong motivation of individuals to the honest and efficient labor for the community; any crimes are expected to disappear in the communistic society. This provided some success of the marxism in the beginning of XX century.

Marvels of the marxism

As other religions, the marxism assumes several marvels, id est, the phenomena, which are difficult to prove and reproduce. In the countries where the marxism is dominant religion, the doubt in these marvels, expressed publicly, was considered as serious fault, even crime. Such doubts are treated as dangerous to the society, and the society punishes the heretics. In the similar way, in the marxist society, it is dangerous to express doubts in the moral qualities of the gods of the marxism - Marx, Lenin, and, during the epoch of petrified poop (эпоха окаменевшего говна) also Stalin.

The main marvel of marxism can be formulated as the ability to reach some noble goals (prosper and prudent society), using the criminal, cruel and anti-humanistic methods. (This marvel looks even more wonderful, than the conversion of water into wine, described in the New Testament).

Another marvel, obligatory to believe in the marxism, is the efficiency of the so-called socialistic way of production of goods (социалистический способ производства). Many authors seem to hope that this marvel can (and should) be used as a base of prosperity of the society [4]. Since the crash of the USSR, several believers changed their mind and agree, that this socialistic way of production of goods is based in the exhausting of the demographic resources and extremely non-efficient. In the case of the USSR, the demographic resources of the country happened to be exhausted during few generations. As any other religion, the marxism does not allow negation of its postulates (dogmas); and several authors remain marxists even after the evidence of the fault of the big marxist country.

Important marvel of the marxism is ability of moral growth of a non-educated individuals, and their ability to participate in the efficient elaboration of global problems. ("the kitchen-woman can govern the country", "научим кухарку управлять государством".) The concepts of istmat and diamat are supposed to bring the people the high moral qualities, required for the honest work and prudent solutions of the social problems; as every individual is supposed to participate in the ruling of the country. For the forming of the moral face of such individual, the marxism assumes the special icons, images, that are supposed to make all the citizen honest and motivated. The similar functions are attributed to the literature. The statements that the people believed into such a literature, indeed, looks as a marvel.

Marxism and politics

The ideas of marxism are closely related to politics. Perhaps, it is the most Politicized religion. Marxism allows the torture of non-believers (those who do not admit concepts of marxism), such non-believers are considered as mentally-ill.

In the marxism, all the art and literature is supposed to follow the marxist style called socialistic realism. Any texts, any products of art, that significantly deviate from this style, is qualified as anti-soviet.

In marxism, it is believed, that the country, which brings the so-called "military help" to all its neighborhood, is "respected" in other countries. In particular, according the marxist doctrine, the USSR was peaceful and respected country, which never used to initiate wars. In the similar way, the ability to export grain from the USSR during the famine ("голодомор") in Ukraine and the Volga basin is considered as success of the soviet industrialization and socialist economics. Often, the marxists deny even the existing of the concentration camps (GULAG) and the slavery during the USSR.

Raise and fall of the marxism

The widest distribution the marxism got at the beginning of the USSR. Then, the marxism was not so attractive, but the repressive apparatus, KGB, as the marxist analogy of the the inquisition, was created in the USSR and other marxist countries. At least in century XX, the KGB seems to be so essential apparatus of the marxism, as the inquisition was immanent part of the christianity in centuries XIII-XVI. The marxists used KGB to eliminate those who do not accept the marxism; this leaded to the massive human sacrifices in the USSR. The sacrificed citizen were qualified ad enemies of the people. Only in the end of century XX, after to understand, what is science, the marxism was recognized as kind of religion.

The appearance of different branches is typical for the development of any religion; so, one could expect this for the marxism too. Lev Trotsky criticized Stalin for building of socialism instead of communism; Mao Tse-tung had criticized Khrushchov for revisionism [5], and so on. In such a way, there exist many branches of marxism; some of them allow the peaceful coexistence with capitalism, while others require the fight unto the victory over those countries which do not follow the will of God (World Revolution).

Among other un-refutable concepts of marxism, typical for other religion, there is one that allows the negation. This concept refers to the construction of the society without classes, communism. Such a communism is quite analogous to the Eden, Heaven, in other religions, but Lenin used to specify the year. in year 1923, Lenin had mentioned, that within 15-20 year, the yang generation will live in such a communistic society. In year 1937, many people saw that the prediction by Lenin does not seem to realize. The mass sacrifices were used to eliminate those who doubted in the marxism. Then, in 1965, the concept of comming of communism was updated. The new program had declared: The current generation of Soviet people will live under communism. The base for such communism was declared to be built in 1980. Based of this declaration, the next generation shames the soviet veterans and as impostors.

It is difficult to estimate, what part of the population of the Soviet Union was sacrificed for the marxist ideas. After a century of domination of the marxism, the population dropped so drastically, that the post-soviet Russia cannot produce goods, competitive at the international market; the most of export is formed from the prime materials. At the beginning of century XXI, the population of the post-marxist Russia happened to be not sufficient even to withdraw the Russian mineral resources, and the import of the labor from China (where the marxism did not last so long time) became necessary. Several authors consider this as an evidence that the marxism for Russia happened to be very destructive, and, perhaps, fatal.

After the crash of the Soviet Union, many marxists easy changed their religion; the most marxistic marxists easy converted into capitalists, showing that the marxism is not only a religion, but also a very efficient demagogy, that allow to justify any methods for achievement of personal goals, advertising these goals as needs of the population. In China, contrary, the marxism is strong, and, at least at the beginning of century XXI, the demographic resources still allow this country not only technical development, but also expansion.

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Acknowledgment I am grteful to prof, B.Mike and prof. Andy Blunden from the www.marxists.org
for the important corrections related to this article.

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