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Sex with robot

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    All natural

My friend Tisi and I walked in mounts, and I was impressed how did she try to do well while her legs and feet were not trained at all... Sorry, this is another story, perhaps, one day I shall load it. I mention Tisi here only to tell that Tisi had presented me her friend Tilda. Tilda looked like a Barbie doll; perhaps, a little bit thicker, than the Barbie-prototype, but equally pretty.

Tisi and Tilda had discussed the mounts; then Tilda told me that she wants to walk in the mounts too. Then she begun to ask me about my life. I felt that something is wrong, her talk reminded me ELIZA: that program, knowing nothing but some grammar, emulates a human on the teletype conversation. However, at the time of ELIZA, the robots did not have a doll-like body; while Tilda looked as a living creature. This was like as challenge of the Fortune. What is Tilda?

I cannot not say that Tilda did not smell a woman, contrary. How to explain... Imagine, that 10 girls in Vienne watch some explicit movie or show about details of relations between men and women (or, perhaps, the same between women and women) and then 9 of them rub their clitoris over the hair of one of them, and then Federico Garcia meets this one and writes his famous "A Little Viennese Waltz"... In some sense the Tilda's flavor was extremely natural and attractive. The only, her flavor was too strong for a woman, I mean, for one single exemplar of a woman.

Tilda's face looked like a doll. Well, but some girls (I mean, living girls, human beings) also abuse cosmetics and perfumes. So, this was not a proof... I touched her hands. They were warm and looked pretty natural. May be, a little bit excess of moister, that's all.

What else?.. The problem become extremely exciting. I felt the crazy pulse of my heart. Tilda looked at my jeans and laughed. Then she told, she wanted to see my paintings, if possible. It was late in the evening, but I draw us to my home and improvised the exposition of my recent works. She asked me if I could paint her body. We drunk some wine and kissed. Her kiss was very hot. I touched her tits. The nipples raised up, in the most perfect and natural way they could. I touched her pussy; it was wet. We took off our cloth. I pushed her to the bed and opened her legs. Just before to enter, I looked deeply into her eyes... Oh, Mein Gott!!!
Not so often you see the solution of your problem in the girl's eyes in so explicit and unambiguous way! However, I could not stop, but all I saw had fixed in my memory, as many other important things then I did them first time..

The eyes of Tilda were not human's eyes!!! The black spot at the center of each eye looked as just mockup, butaforia, the careful imitation of the human pupil. She had compound eyes. But these were not eyes of an insect. The dragonfly's eyes have Hexagonal structure, while the components, elements of Tilda's eyes were rectangular. The small fascets looked perfect squares... It was extremely exciting. I could not have more secrets from her... (Of course "her"! It is impossible to refer to such a perfect creature with "it".)

- Tilda, are you robot? - I asked... (Stupid question, if she is programmed to behave like a human, she is not supposed to say "Yes"!)
- Do you want me? - she told.
- Yes, of course!

The time stopped... It was a marvel! I do not mean that she is very beautiful and attractive and skillful, although she is. First time I was doing this with ROBOT! And with very attractive and precise robot!

- Tilda, you are robot, - I told, - And you are perfect robot. You do it very well...
- You also do it well, ah..Yes!.. Yaa!!!...

What a wonderful engineer, artist had designed and ensembled her! I felt the wonderful actuators inside her, and all her body waved with increasing amplitude and frequency. She seemed to try to say something, but she was only moaning. Her breath become irregular. Perhaps, the pseudorandom algorithms were used to generate so perfect convulsions... We came to culmination, that seemed to be mutual, and I entered the Absolute Nirvana. I saw God, I said Him thanks for such a happiness.. I was in new era, in new epoch, in the Brave New World.. The reality overdid both the dreams by Haxley and the ideas by Capek! Since now, the world of the pure pleasure comes; the robots become as humans; hence, soon they'll construct themselves without humans! The humanity did well! The Humanity successfully finished the Greatest God's Mission!


The sun was up. Tilda was taking shower. There was small plastic box and the strange small flacon on the table. I approached an looked on these. The flacon was cleaner for contact lenses. The lenses were inside. The rectangular grid lines were clearly seen on them through the transparent cage. Yes, it was just the structure so impressed me yesterday.

I run to the shower. Tilda just washed out the shampoo from her hair. I grabbed her, kissing her mouth and looking deeply into her eyes... The normal human eyes. With normal pupils, that quickly become smaller then I raised her face up to the light.

- I see, you are ready again, - Tilda said, - come on, my darling!
She jumped on me, with skillful movement of her stomach letting me in. May be, even sucking me in.
- You are in, I catched you! - she laughed...
I brought her back to the bed.

Without the make-up, she did not look like a doll, but just nice and attractive human-kind girl. Hence, she has no vibrator incorporated, she is doing this just with her muscles!.. Her nipples became bigger again, all natural. The same overwhelming pleasure inside... Again!... All natural!
The last I saw before to enter Nirvana was the advertisement on the company at the floor: OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN NO CHEMICAL ELEMENTS.

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