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Letter to Mccain

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    Edro import corruption to the USA. Why are not they arrested, not interrogated?

Dear Prof. John McCain.
I saw your speech about Russia (December 10th, 2010) [0]. I have formulated several questions below about the policy of the USA with respect to the Russian mafia.

You understand the root of the problems Russia meets in this century. You have explained to the people what happens there. You see that "Edro", the ruling party is terroristic organization. I would add about Edro:
1. No other party would be able to hide the political murders of journalists. [1]
2. In 2009, that party had submitted the notification about the meetings dedicated to the bombing of the "Nevsky Express" train few days BEFORE that crash.[2]
3. In 2010, the leaders of that party had failed the investigation of the crash Katyn-2.[3] The basic questions on that crash remain unanswered. Even the documents used by the minister Shoigu and other Edro's members for the conclusion about multiple attempts to land the airplane are not revealed, indicating the sabotage of the investigation group. (The current version of the research group implies the crash at the first attempt.)
4. The Georgian security service reveal the trace of the Russian KGB in the recent terroristic acts in Georgia including the bombing of the USA embassy.[4]
5. The mafiosi of the terroristic bands in Kuschevskaya were also from the Edro, and from very top at the Edro's hierarchy.[5]
I do not discuss here the economic crimes such as robbery of the Russian budget with the pretext of the perpetual motion machines like gravitsapa [6], I believe such a science-fiction will never be supported from the budget of the USA. So I focus on the terroristic activity of Edro. Above, only few most simple and evident cases are mentioned. On could add here also the case of Vasily Yakemenlo, or the case of Viktor But, or the case of murdereds of Sergey Magnitsky and many other internationally recognized proofs of the terroristic activity of the Russian ruling party [7] and its leader [8].

On the base of the events mentioned, could you please explain, what other additional evidence of the terroristic activity of the Russian KGB, FSB and SVR and Edro do the American police wait for, in order to begin to arrest all the members of Edro and all the workers of FSB in the airports upon their arrivals?

I know how difficult is to get the USA entry permit. Many times I had visited the USA and each time this required efforts comparable to those necessary to write a good-quality scientific paper. (For me this is important reason not to assist the OSA meetings.) The consulates ask very detailed forms and documents confirming the personal information of the applicant. With such an information, it should be easy to reveal the Edro'e and KGB agents. On the other hand, according to the news, the functionaries of Edro and KGB easy enter the NATO countries, and are allowed to keep their blood money in the European and American banks, and even more, they are allowed to use this money to buy property in the Europe and in the USA. This in important thing I cannot understand. Could you explain this, please? Why does this happen?

I do not expect that the USA officials may seriously fight for the freedom of the Russian people (I suspect, they are more interested in the needs of the USA people). Also, I am skeptic with respect to any export of democracy [9,10]. Only the Russian people could do this (we have not yet recovered after the bolshevick's fascism, this may take few generations). But there is also some common sense referring to the USA. If you import the money of the terrorists, if you accept the money-loundry industry in your country, then this affects also the USA: such industry cannot produce the competitive goods, it produces just a corruption. Do you want the terrorists from the Edro to do the same in the USA? Or do you expect they can do anything else except sex, bribery and murders? Or do you expect the FBI and SIA are so powerful that they can spy after each Edro's member, trace all their activities and stop their bribery and terror in time?

I should greatly appreciate your answers on the questions above.

Sincerely, Dmitrii Kouznetsov. December 2010.

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Copyleft 2010 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov. This text can be used for free, attribute http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/johnmccain.shtml

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