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Backman Johan

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    Finish ideologist of KGBism

http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/backmane.shtml Backman Johan, English version of this text
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/backman.shtml Бекман Йохан, Russian version of this text

Backman Johan (Бекман Йохан, b.18 May 1971) [0,1,2] - publicist, defender of some thesis of the Soviet concept of history and the ideology of KGBizm. Beckman lives in Finland, considers himself as Suomi, but also speaks Russian and even writes in Russian (with Latin characters). According to opinions about Backman, some elements of fascism appears in his publications, although he considers himself as anti-fascist and sees no similarity, no resemblance between stalinism and hitlerism (perhaps, considering stalinism as "good" and hitlerism as "bad"). Also, Backman denies that he is agent of KGB. [1]

Beckman is known by his opinion that Anna Poltkovskaya was killed not by Vladimir Putin, and not by his order, but by some Putin's enemies in order to make the people to think that Vladimir Putin had killed Anna Politkovskaya. Before his texts about Anna Politkovskaya appear in the open access sites, it is difficult to confirm or to negate such an opinion about his books. The intents to understand why in this concept the killers, Putin's enemies, kill journalists to make trouble to Putin instead to kill Putin, were not successful. From the explanations by Beskman it seems, that according to his concept, some people try to use the murder of Anna Politkovskaya in the political goals. The intent to move the killers out of government should be considered as the political goal; so, it is easy to understand, that the people, who had formulated such a goal, remind the citizen that the political murders in Russia are not investigated, that the killers are not punished and that they continue to kill journalists. Therefore, this part of the concept of Backman looks reasobable. In year 2007, it become clear, that the Putin's administration does not hurry with the investigation of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, and since year 2007, Backman is rejected the entry permit to Estonia [2]. Yet, the formal reasons of the reject are not announced; so, there could be other motivation of such a reject; perhaps, the public declarations by Beckman that Estonia should disappear as independent country within 10 years.

Backman considers himself as anti-fascist [5,6], which corresponds to the description of term fascism in Vera.

According to the Backman's concept of history, the USSR did not occupy the European countries in the beginning of the World War 2, and, in particular, the USSR did not occupy Estonia in 1939. Never the less, Backman considers that Estonia should not remain as the independent country. Basing on his concept, Backman had criticized the movie "The Soviet Story" [6-15].

2012.12.28, Backman had supported the "Anti-Magnitsku bill" (see http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/TORID/index.php/Anti-orphan_bill), indicating that the law is a symmetric response to the US Magnitsky Act which bans Russian officials deemed guilty of human rights abuses to enter the US [21].

Based on the publications one may conclude that Backman has dedicated his life to the making of attractive image of the USSR, Russia, their leaders and KGB. Similar opinion had been formulated also in ref.[6].

Appendix. Opinion by Backman

In order to clarify the point of view of Johan Backman, few questions were asked. Up to the date of loading of this text, no answer is received. The English translation of these questions is suggested in this appendix.
1. What articles, from your point of view, are most relevant to describe your concept of history?
2. Is it possible to express this concept in a single paragraph?
3. From your point of view, how the future of such nations as Suomi, Karels, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians should be arranged?
4. How do you interpret the term "right of nations to self-determination"?
5. What explanation did the Consul suggest when your entry permit application was denied?
6. How do you consider the term "Fascism"?
7. Where to download your books about Anna Politkovskaya?

0. http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Бекман,_Йохан (Some character in the filename of the English version of Wikipedia is not allowed in this format; so, jump there from the Russian version.)
1. http://www.ask.com/wiki/Johan_B?ckman ... Backman has denied that he is an agent of the FSB. (recover "a to make the url clickable)

2. http://www.hs.fi/english/print/1135245495868 Anti-Estonian Johan Backman refused entry at Port of Tallinn. 2007.// On Sunday, Finnish author and sociologist Johan B?ckman, known for his anti-Estonian statements, was detained at the Port of Tallinn and deported from the country - on the anniversary of the controversy over the relocation of the Bronze Soldier statue in the centre of the Estonian capital in 2007.// B?ckman is an eager apologist for the Soviet Union, and a harsh critic of the present regime in Estonia.// ... Prohibition against entry into Estonia by Finnish citizens is extremely rare, and is usually imposed on individuals charged with criminal activities. Previously such entry bans have been issued to some Finns suspected of connections with racist movements.
3. "http://www.inosmi.ru/inrussia/20040909/212792.html Анна Политковская. Отравленные Путиным. 09/09/2004. (In Russian. Anna Politkovskaya. Poisoned by Putin.
4. http://tapirr.com/polit/politkovskaya/pu_russia1.htm Анна Политковская. "Путинская Россия". (2004, in Russian. Anna Pollitkovskaya. Putin's Russia.)
5. http://antifasistit.blogspot.com/2009/04/tutkintapyynto-tampereen-poliisille.html Suomen antifasistinen komitea. Lahettanyt Johan Backman klo lauantai, huhtikuu 25, 2009.
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10. http://rutube.ru/tracks/1549502.html?v=ec9d24fc39dd5192d6fdb366d2f96a83 The Soviet Story Russian version, part 2
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15. http://ru.delfi.lt/abroad/global/article.php?id=18651048 Soviet Story получил приз на кинофестивале в Бостоне. DELFI, 24 сентября 2008 г. (In Russian. English translation of the title: The Soviet Story got the Prix at the Boston festival.
22. http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_12_28/Finnish-right-activist-back-Dima-Yakovlev-law/ Finnish right activist back Dima Yakovlev law. Finnish right activist Johan Backman has supported Russia's Dima Yakovlev law which bans US citizens from adopting Russian children. Dec 28, 2012 16:36 Moscow Time. .. This law must be applied also to other countries, Backman said. In his opinion, adoption has become part of large-scale international business. 'This law is fair and from abroad it looks like a very logical step in response to the US aggressive propaganda against Russia', Backman said. He said the law is a symmetric response to the US Magnitsky Act which bans Russian officials deemed guilty of human rights abuses to enter the US. Voice of Russia, Interfax.
Unnumbered links:
http://www.ekspress.ee/news/paevauudised/eestiuudised/miks-johan-backman-pole-eestis-persona-non-grata.d?id=27684021 Prindi uudis, Saada sobrale. Miks Johan B?ckman pole Eestis persona non grata? 11. detsember 2008.
https://www.etis.ee/portaal/isikuCV.aspx?LastNameFirstLetter=B&PersonVID=56805?=et&FromUrl0=isikud.aspx Johan Backman
http://notes.utu.fi/ty/webexper.nsf/031b9e8464cecb05c22564dd003abe2e/9b3aa972eae3fe4ec22573b700208d2b?OpenDocument Dosentti Johan Backman, VTT
http://www.epl.ee/artikkel/463464 Heiki Suurkask. Stalinism s?nnib Soomes uuesti. 27 marts 2009. Niinimetatud Soome Antifa?istlik Komitee (SAFKA) koosneb kolmest liikmest: Johan Backman, Leena Hietanen ja Petri Krohn, nendega on uhinenud Abdullah (endine Risto) Tammi, veel loomata Soome Islamipartei liider, kes on avalikult tunnistanud, et nuhkis aastak?mneid KGB informaatorina Soomes usuliikumiste jarele.// Olles sattunud Putini isikukultust propageerivate aarmusliikumiste moju alla, kuulutab see seltskond internetimeedias avalikku laimu Eesti aadressil.
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P.S. The point of view on the Backman's concepts and his role in the development of the historical science presented above differs from the point of view of Backman himself.
Johan Backman and his supporters (if any) are cordially invited to suggest a paragraph with short description of the Backman's concept of history, and to add few references to his most important publications, where such a concept is described. Especially the links to his texts about Anna Politkovskaya are wanted. Indications of misprints or other errors (if any) in this article are also welcomed.

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